2016 Conference on China Phosphorous Chemical Industry Development successfully

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2016 Conference on China Phosphorous Chemical Industry Development was successfully held in the banquet hall of hotel Marriott in Nanning. The conference was sponsored by the Association of Phosphorus chapter of China Inorganic Salts Industry chemical and co-organized by Guangxi Association of Phosphorus chemical industry and Sino-Linchem Group 
    The Conference invited chemical industry specialists and experts from domestic university and enterprises, and attracted many insiders of chemical industry. Many experts introduced and analyzed the development, the technology and the future of phosphate industry in the conference, and passed the 13th Five-Year Plan for Phosphate Industry. It intended to string policies guidance and financing support for phosphor-chemical enterprise, enhancing the management, setting strict standards and fully exerting the mediating function of association and to be the bridge and belt connected government and enterprises.
    Finally, CEOs of three chemical industry companies from America were invited to the conference. Attendees raised many questions about how Chinese companies could explore opportunities in American market and improved their competitiveness on the international market. The three American entrepreneurs gave pertinent answers to all those questions.
   Thanks to the concerted efforts of all parties, the conference achieved a significant success. The conference created the opportunities for insiders to communicate with each other, and it will play an important role in the development of Phosphorus chemical industrial in the future.