Sino-Linchem International Co., Ltd obtaining a new invention patent

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Sino-Linchem International researched and developed a method of preparing a kind of Ammonium Polyphosphate solution with low degree of polymerization which obtained a new invention patent on April 20th. It’s a new breakthrough and research result of phosphate production technical field in inorganic chemical industry.
    An entirely different technology was introduced in this innovation for batch production of Ammonium Polyphosphate solution with low degree of polymerization; it is also a radically new kind of production technique of Ammonium Polyphosphate solution with low degree of polymerization. This invention is basic on the invention of the bulk-production of polyphosphoric acid, which is the raw material of Ammonium Polyphosphate. This invention also overcomes the shortage of the normal production technology of ammonium polyphosphate. It is safer and simpler, and suitable for large continuous production.
   Compared to the old techniques, first, this innovation greatly reduces processing steps and producing difficulty, improves the production conditions. Secondly, the cost of the products, and the demands of equipment and raw materials was reduced greatly. Finally, when produced with this innovation, the ammonium polyphosphate will be liquid with stable property and little impurity. It can guarantee the quality stability and convenience.
    This innovation is an independent development research result of Sino-Linchem International. The country commends and encourages Sino-Linchem International for the innovation by granting this patent. The company will stick to innovation and development constantly. And we will perfect and pretend our system of intellectual property when we focus on our production and raise market competitiveness. Sino-Linchem International is able to make progress in expanding international and domestic markets after obtaining this new invention patent.