Chairman of SLC Group Participating in 2015 Guangxi Clay Fertilizer Work Confere

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Chairman of Sino-Linchem Group, Mr. Ming Lin, participated, by invitation, in the site events of the 7th Guangxi “Predicted Yield and Selective Fertilizer; Both Land and Tax increase” on November 24, 2015. Mr. Lin gave an important speech at the 2015 Guangxi Clay Fertilizer Work Conference following the site events.

Clay fertilizer center of Binyang County gave a warm welcome to Mr Lin and his group. Mr. Lin and his group visited the sugar cane experimental field with the guidance of the Center staff. They introduced to them a score of fertilizer application schemes. The field workers gave an explanation about construction and tests of the experimental field. They thanked all the governments and enterprises that supported them and all the organizations that helped them do the tests. The head of the Fangchenggang clay fertilizer center, Mr. Yiming Liu, expressed his satisfaction for our liquid fertilizer after their application. He suggested that a trial test should apply to tea leaves. After reports by Center staff, representatives invited also gave a speech to recognize the efforts to boost the modern agriculture.

In the following 2015 Guangxi Clay Fertilizer Work Conference, Mr. Guo, Head of Department of Agriculture of Guangxi, mentioned Chairman Ming Lin in his speech, recognizing his experience in liquid ammonium polyphosphate application, and thought this experience was worth great promotion. After that, Chairman Ming Lin, as a representative for well-known enterprises, gave a keynote speech for the advanced application of liquid ammonium polyphosphate and its usage in American agriculture.